Khim, Jong-Seong
Marine Benthic Ecology
Laboratory of Marine Benthic Ecology
Associate Department Head
Office : Bldg 25-1 Room 307 / +82-2-880-6750
Lab. : Bldg 25-1 Room 308 / +82-2-872-6750

Research Topic

Dr. Jong Seong Khim is Professor in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Seoul National University. He obtained a B.S. Degree in Oceanography and Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Marine Biology from Seoul National University. He is a world expert in the fields of Marine Benthic Ecology and Environmental Risk Assessment. His research interests encompass a broad spectrum of ecological and environmental topics with research keywords of biodiversity, biological assay, ecological quality, marine pollution, sediment assessment, and ecosystem services. He edited 2 books (American Chemical Society Symposium Series) and 3 book chapters, and published about 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, with total citations of >6,600 and Hirsch (h)-index of 41 at present. He also made over 400 abstracts read in the international conferences and gave >60 invited talks. He is a recipient several research awards including 2014 International Cooperation Award for Young Scientist awarded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. He is the Editors-in-Chief of the Regional Studies in Marine Science, Elsevier publisher. He also currently serves as editors for several international journals including Algae, Environment International, Frontiers in Marine Science, J, Ocean Science Journal, PLoS ONE, Science of the Total Environment, and Ecosystem Health and Sustainability.


  • Ph.D., Oceanography, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2006
  • M.S., Oceanography, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2000
  • B.S., Oceanography, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 1998


  • Editors-in-Chief, Regional Studies in Marine Science, Elsevier, 2020-
  • Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2012-
  • Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, 2009-2012
  • Research Associate, Toxicology Centre, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2007-2009


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