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발표자 Prof. John Knox
소속 University of Georgia
제목 SEES_COLLOQUIUM(2020.9.9)-Prof. John Knox(University of Georgia)
문의처 02-880-6497
자료 0909 Prof. John Knox.pptx [342528 byte] 자료 다운로드
시간 2020-09-09 12:00~13:00
장소 비대면 강의

The Science of Tornado Debris Research


The transport of objects by tornado winds has captivated scientists and non-scientists alike.  In this talk I'll discuss the history of scientific research into this phenomenon and its evolution from anecdotal accounts to "du​al-pol" radar observations.  I'll focus on the work at the University of Georgia to fuse social media and atmospheric science to create an unprecedented dataset of tornado debris from the April 2011 tornado superoutbreak in the Southeast U.S.   I will also briefly survey how climate change may affect the frequency and distribution of tornadoes.  By the end of the talk, you'll know more about the how-big, how-high, how-far of tornado debris, and also why this topic matters to meteorologists and emergency managers.


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