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발표자 이지우 박사
소속 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
제목 SEES_COLLOQUIUM(2020.9.2)-이지우박사(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
문의처 02-880-6497
자료 0902 이지우박사.pptx [342677 byte] 자료 다운로드
시간 2020-09-02 12:00~13:00
장소 비대면 강의

Climate models and their evaluation focusing on variability modes


The development of increasingly complex Earth System Models (ESMs) has provided new opportunities for forecasting beyond the weather regime, including intraseasonal, seasonal, and interannual time scales, as well as research associated with projections of climate change. Consequently, the diagnosis and evaluation of climate models and their simulations has become increasingly complex in recent decades. This has been facilitated through the development of coordinated model intercomparisons in the early 1990’s and the public availability of standardized model output in conjunction with the advent of reanalysis which provides a long record of validation data. It is therefore important to have standard performance tests for climate models to assess if statistically significant improvement has been achieved across generations of models. In the presentation I will introduce how these efforts have been formulated in the climate research community and the LLNL’s contribution on developing the standard evaluation metrics especially focusing on climate variability modes.  


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