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발표자 이정훈 교수
소속 이화여자대학교 과학교육과
제목 [지환부] SEES_COLLOQUIUM(2020.4.29)-이정훈 교수(이화여자대학교 과학교육과)
문의처 02-880-6497
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시간 2020-04-29 12:00~13:00
장소 비대면 강의진행

Title: The properties of sea water isotopes and glacial melt water near the Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica


Abstract : Increasing of continental glacier melt water in the Antarctica affects to the regional water cycle and the formation of sea water masses. Water isotopes(δ18O, δD) is useful tracers for hydrological research as it reflects the physical-chemical fractionations. Sea water samples were collected through the four times Antarctic summer research cruises with CTD since 2014/15 from western Ross sea near the Terra Nova Bay ice shelf and Drygalski Ice Tongue. Picarro L2301-i CRDS used for water isotope analysis. The continental melt water and ice shelf basal melt both are included in glacial melt water. The relationship of δ18O and δD shows the slope value around less than 7 (P1: δD=6.74×δ18O-0.02), however, the glacial melt water shows the value around 8 (P1:δD=7.69×δ18 O+0.41). Water isotope differentiated presenting various values relative to given salinity. The various values of water isotopes imply other differentiation factors like evaporation and sea ice formation occurred.


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