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Message from the Head

The Head of SEES, SNU KangKun Lee


We sincerely welcome you to the Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES), research and educational institute of Seoul National University.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences consists of three different principles - Atmospheric Science, Earth System Science and Oceanography. On the foundation of pure natural sciences, we comprehensively study the overall aspects of earth's environment in a multi-disciplinary fashion. With 37 full-time faculty, 60 researchers including research faculty and postdoctoral fellows, over 200 graduate students, 150 undergraduate students, three administrative staff and six research assistants, we play a pivotal role in education and research in the field of earth and environmental sciences.

We, in earth and environmental sciences, are interested in understanding the motion of the earth's elements, our natural environments, and their changes. Our beautiful and precious earth and its environment is the object of research, which is closely related to our daily living. Our nature is the subject of observation, investigation and research. The whole earth is our field of experimentation. We strive to uncover interesting features in it, and make efforts to elucidate why they are as they are. Our research enriches the life quality and promotes the welfare of the mankind by forecasting hazardous phenomena such as typhoons, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. Global warming, as we know, is a central research theme in earth and environmental sciences, securing diversity of lives on the surface of the earth. Earth and environmental sciences, relevant to our daily existence, is a pinnacle of science founded on all disciplines of pure sciences.

In order to understand and solve varieties of issues concerning our dynamic and sensitive earth's environment, we analyze and investigate earth's elements with a multi-disciplinary perspective. In line with international trend of education and research, we conduct merged research on the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and the cryosphere. Our talented graduates are highly respected in Korea as well as worldwide. Our faculty also strives to become competitive and creative in research and education internaionally. In particular, a success of our BK (Brain Korea) program played a crucial role in elevating the stature of our program. Spurred by this, we aim to be recognized internationally for our excellence in merged and interdisciplinary education and as a leading institution in creative, innovative, and interdisciplinary research. With this vision and enthusiasm, we will make a world-renowned education and research program in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Come and visit us to meet our faculty and students, see our passion in action, and experience what it means by becoming a part of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email [☎ Contact Us] if you want to learn more about our education and research programs. Thank you for your interest in our program. SEES!