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Speaker Mark Zastrow
Affiliation Freelance Journalist
Title A Window Into Science Journalism
Contact info. 02-880-6748
Material abstract_mark zastrow.docx [13825 byte] 자료 다운로드
Time 2016-03-02 12:00~13:00
Venue Bldg 25-1, Int'l Conference Room

In today's interconnected world, the role of media in society is more important than ever, and science media is right in the thick of it. Every week, science journalists write tens of thousands of articles based on thousands of press releases for publications all around the world—and that's just in English. What responsibilities do science journalists have in explaining science, its impacts on society, and reporting about scientists? And where does the scientist fit into this ecosystem of news, whom the public often trusts more than journalists?

In this talk I'll explain this world from my perspective as a freelance science writer based in Seoul. I'll break down some of my recent stories, how I wrote them, and how scientists informed them. If you're interested in science communication and journalism, this will hopefully be an introduction into how the field works. Even if not, when a journalist calls you, you should have a better sense of what the journalist is asking for, and what your rights are as a source.

Major Luncheon Seminar